• By: Daniel Rounds
  • Poetry, Art
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Poems by Daniel Rounds with photographs by Jesse Vasquez. Daniel Rounds' second volume of poetry is a rumination of what it is be a self and a body and the simultaneity of desire. Accompanied by full-color plates by photographer Jesse Vasquez, Rounds work continues to ruminate on language as inscription and definition but also as sound. Here Rounds tilts toward the physical, the coupling of one body with another, the fact of physicality as self-definition.

  • Daniel Rounds with sunglasses and hat
    Dominique Williams
  • Daniel Rounds is a poet, activist, and applied sociologist based in Sacramento, California. After pursuing studies in social theory, political economy, and social movements at the political science and sociology graduate programs at UCLA, he left the academy to work for organized labor. During his career he has worked for various environmental, social justice, and labor organizations as well as in the legislative and executive branches of California state government. His previous books eros zero (2017) and some distant lateral present (2014) were also published by Ad Lumen Press.